Indian Establishment and its Mercenaries

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In politics where there is a presence of strong "establishment" it is hard to differentiate between ideological adversaries and their nescient mercenaries. It is even more difficult to define the word "Establishment" which usually holds some minor strings of power.

“Establishment” is not something which gets replaced or voted to power with democratic elections but a cabal without any democratic legitimacy but has some control or influence over the institutions, committees and organizations of a democratic and sovereign nation. A large typical establishment in a democratic republic would have its hegemony in the aspects of Arts, Culture, History, Universities, Awards, Media and other social institutions with or without the support of government.

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The 1960s and the early 1970s are important in modern Indian history.
  • After the China war of 1962, India realized that they need to have a strong Army unlike what Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru envisioned.
  • War with Pakistan in 1965 kept us vigil as it exposed the evil ideas of Pakistan.
  • Genocide in East Pakistan which resulted in 1971 war contributed to the rise of patriotism in Indians.
Other things happened in 60s and 70s.
  • Indira Gandhi, whom I consider to be a patriot with flaws made a deal with Communists due to political compulsions where she agreed to install Communists and their comrades as the heads of Indian institutions.
  • Amar Chitra Katha started to become popular.
  • Rise of Left terrorism.

"Bharat Mata ki Jai" and "Vande Mataram"

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I told myself that I will be less acerbic in my views and ignore the ranting from the usual suspects but decided to hold it back partially due to bunkum published by and Co.

"Bharat Mata" sounds offensive for Sharia Bolsheviks not just because it has idol form but also because it doesn't represent country as "Fatherland".

The concept of "Motherland" is ingrained in Indic thought and philosophy, this concept doesn't get total approval in Monotheism and Communism.

"Fatherland" is what Communists have been preaching for decades with very rare exceptions, some Socialists prescribe to the term "Motherland" opposing the leftish rhetoric, usually they are from a land which has rich cultural and literary heritage.

Cultures & Traditions which are not substantially exposed to organized religions and not strongly influenced by Communism refer to their country as "Motherland".

"Bharat Mata" comes to every Indian by default because the idea of a nation can be associated with a female form. No one says "Bharat Pita".

How many nations achieved freedom based on a slogan associated with motherland? Indian freedom struggle got amplified by "Vande Mataram". The slogan "Vande Mataram" was the essence of Indian freedom struggle, the origins of nationalist movement happened through "Vande Mataram". I am aware that it has became an irresistible fashion for some Urbans to support the slogan "Pakistan Zindabad" and make a mockery of "Bharat Mata" and "Vande Mataram".

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad resolved these controversies long back but they come back again with help of Left Liberals and their hatred for some individuals. I am not in favor of compelling others to say "Bharat Mata" or "Vande Mataram" as I am a supporter of Freedom of Speech and expression, but remember that these are the slogans which represent and encapsulate the ethos of India.

Interview with Satish Kasetty

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Satish Kasetty is a Telugu filmmaker. His first film “Hope” won the National Award which was based on student suicides, his second film Kalavaramaye Madilo won the state Nandi award. His recent film “Terror” got released couple of weeks back which is based on Terrorism and Politics.

Many days have passed since your film got released, how was the response?

Positive response from everywhere

Did you expect such positive response?

I knew that film is good, script is good, and screenplay is good. I knew the film will keep the viewers engaged. I knew that audience would feel that they have watched a 2hrs 10min film and did not get bored. Srikanth's previous films didn’t fare well, if this film is at least little good, people will come and watch it, as audience don’t hate Srikanth. But I didn’t expect such unanimous appreciation from everyone.

There is a 6 year gap between this film (Terror) and your previous film (Kalavaramaye Madilo), I think it’s a big gap for a filmmaker, what happened?

Let me tell you this the other way. Muhurtam of "Terror" was held in 2014, later some film union strikes happened; we resumed the shoot and got the censor certificate in September 2015. We had to wait for release dates as we didn't have theaters to release. Totally it took 2 years to get "Terror" released. For the remaining 3 years, after I completed “Kalavaramaye Madilo”, couple of producers approached me but I didn’t have scripts. I started writing my scripts, I was in writing mode, as new ideas kept coming, and I went on writing and decided to complete my scripts.

The movie was scheduled to be released on March 4th but it got advanced to February 26th, any specific reason?

11-12 movies are getting released on that week. So the producer decided to advance its release date.

Happy Women's Day

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Being a self proclaimed polemic, I like to add my comments over this picture which is being shared by prominent people on social media.

The problem with analogies like the one in the pic is that it obfuscates history and exposes how Indians are still in colonial hangover.

Chess was invented in India, and the old stories say that it was invented by Ravana to charm his wife.
Indian Chess didn't have the "Queen" till it traveled to different parts of the world. Indian chess had "Mantri" or "Minister" and not the "Queen" or "Rani" as some Indians today call it.

The introduction of "Powerful Queen" happened in Europe. The Spanish Queen was not amused the way chess was being played and ordered the rules of the game to be changed. To please the Spanish Queen, the rules of Chess were slightly changed and it finally accommodated the "Powerful Queen". 

Prominent people should be careful while citing examples and analogies which have a fractured and dubious history. Crackpot Feminists love today's chess for obvious reasons, teach them the history of Chess and Indian Chess especially to Desi Feminists.

If you want to please women or feminists today as today is "Women's Day", tell them that quite often Ravana's wife Mandodari used to defeat him in the game of Chess.

The Wolfpack - few thoughts.

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It is almost impossible to find a compelling reason to watch a film which is a documentary about 6 New York boys with long hair. Crystal Moselle's documentary film "The Wolfpack" is about children who are brought up in a quarantine environment of their apartment.

"The Wolfpack" is a Sad, Funny and Intriguing documentary with lots of Innocence. Whether its the guitar solo which they play, enacting the scenes from their favorite movies or dancing to "Tarzan Boy" in their apartment with New York City lights in the background, it exudes energy and lot of warmth.

The narration of their stories is kind of hypnotic and on numerous occasions it is funny and there are some wonderful moments, for example when the boys come out, one of them says "This is like 3D, man" and when they watch one of their favorite film "Batman Begins" in a Movie theater for the first time, "I play that guy in The Dark Knight.".

Cynics may doubt that this cannot be a real story, if that’s true then please give them best acting awards. "The Wolfpack" is disturbing on many levels because of stark reality but beneath it contains hope which has to be cherished.

Movies, Art and Ideology

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Do not praise a movie just because it is morally superior, possesses a righteous outlook and ethically correct. A movie is a piece of art, its not just about values.

Vishal Bhardwaj's "Haider" which has unbearable stench of Left Liberal agenda, driven by misrepresentation and lies to suit a particular narrative is definitely a superior movie in terms of art than Neeraj Pandey's "Baby".

Throughout the history of cinema it has been the case where ideologies are infused into Art, but Art in its form cannot be put behind over an ideology or an agenda.

Bernardo Bertolucci is one of my favorite director, who constantly expresses his romance with Communism on screen but I have been careful not to influence my views towards his work with his ideological inclination.You can add Oliver Stone to this list.

Many aspiring young film makers seem to be more concerned about ideological inclinations ignoring the art in film making. If tapestry of film making is confined to a narrative than film as an Art is bound to perish.

Its not just film makers who have to be honest with film as Art but its also the viewer who has to be honest with his/her expression towards the film as an Art.