Luc Besson's "Lucy"

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Like his previous films 'Nikita' and 'Leon', Luc Besson's "Lucy" has a female protagonist played by  Scarlett Johansson who gets trapped into the murky dealings of drug mafia and accidentally Lucy gets extraordinary powers which are not possessed by normal human beings as normal people use just 10 % of their brain where as Lucy gradually increases the utility rate of her brain to the greater good of sharing knowledge to the next generations.

The above plot may not come closer to any of Luc Besson's previous works but "Lucy" has Besson's signature where Sci-Fi elements gets involved with nature. "Lucy" has the style of Luc Besson approach, its just that here we have a Sci-Fi element.

Finding Vivian Maier

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Sometimes people may ask these questions to you regarding the non-official or part-time work which you are doing.
  • Who is going to read it?
  • Who is going to watch it?
  • How can it make a difference?
The above questions does make one ponder, but some people do things which they feel like doing even though they are sure that it will not bring fame, money etc...

A Facebook status, a tweet or a blog post may seem to be worthless and merely a time waste but those small things in the long run do make a difference, same is the case with the photographs of unknown Vivian Maier who was recently discovered and stunned the photographic lovers all over the world. Finding Vivian Maier is a film which tracks the history of mysterious woman Vivian Maier. I wont say its a must watch documentary but definitely a good one.

Bastardization of Indian History

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I am aware that sometimes it’s hard to accept the truth but I am surprised by the profound vigor with which some people distort facts and in addition push the blame on the victims to wash away the truth.

I was looking into History of Kakatiya dynasty, its downfall which was followed by the barbarism of Islamic invaders -- I came across Haripala Deva who was skinned alive and his head was hanged at the gates of his own city by Malik Kafur. My left liberal colleague, who has special interest in Buddhism (Marxist Buddhism to be precise) refuses to acknowledge the savagery of Malik Kafur and in return he comes with a theory imported from some other galaxy which paints Haripala Deva as a barbarous prince and Malik Kafur killed him to save people from his brutal rule. Such fabrications by Marxist historians of Indian history is well known and they have made their way into school text books many decades back.

Marxist historians have tried hard to convince that Buddhism in India declined due to intolerance of Hinduism, but going by historical facts it shows that Hinduism and Buddhism were on amicable terms and the reason behind the fall of Buddhism is due to onslaught by Islamic invaders. Quoting B. R. Ambedkar on what happened to Buddhism in India.

"Such was the slaughter of the Buddhist priesthood perpetrated by the Islamic invaders. The axe was struck at the very root. For by killing the Buddhist priesthood, Islam killed Buddhism. This was the greatest disaster that befell the religion of the Buddha in India...."

.. and Arun Shoruie exposes the intellectual fraud and the narrative style of Eminent Historians on Buddhism here. Marxists Buddhists/Historians are on a mission to infiltrate falsehood into Buddhist history in India and anyone who challenges them will be labelled as a right wing nut, true Buddhists who are aware of the facts are hesitant to counter the false propaganda as it is now become a fashion to label people as fundamentalists whoever opposes Marxists and left liberals. The western media has efficaciously painted defenders of Hinduism in India and Buddhism in Myanmar as intolerant fundamentalists.

Bumpy Journey of BJP in the Telugu land

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Allow me to start this post with ironies surrounding the BJP. BJP has no active role to play in the politics of West Bengal which is the birth place of one its ideological founder. BJP was officially founded by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K.Advani, who have taken the party from 2 seats to 3 digits. Out of the 2 seats which the BJP won, one was from Andhra Pradesh and other being Gujarat and history tells us how BJP progressed in both these states.

When there was no strong opposition to counter the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh, NTR formed Telugu Deasam Party (TDP) with a landslide victory on debut. In May 1983, NTR successfully held a meeting of opposition leaders spanning across the country at Vijayawada which was attended by MGR, Ramakrishna Hegde, Farooq Abdullah, Sharad Pawar, Menaka Gandhi, L.K.Advani and others. NTR was not hesitant in showing that his regional party can play an active role at national level but the same spirit was never found with the BJP which was a national party to be an active regional player in Andhra Pradesh.

In 1994, NTR was back with a bang. TDP+ won 250 out of 294 assembly seats and L.K.Advani in a discussion with Prannoy Roy said “This marks the beginning of the end of the Congress party as the dominant political force of India”, L.K.Advani is right but the lotus failed to bloom in Andhra Pradesh despite the chances given to them.

It may come to many as a surprise that the first mayor of Vishakhapatnam (Vizag) was from BJP. N.S.N. Reddy was elected as the first mayor of Vizag and also served as an MLA. It was because of the lack of clarity and direction in state unit, the BJP could not take its leaders and ideology into the masses of Andhra Pradesh.

Tipu Sultan - The Tyrant of Mysore - Book Review

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Tipu Sultan
I was a kid when Tipu Sultan serial was telecasted in Doordarshan and like many people of that generation I was under the impression that Tipu Sultan was a patriot who fought against the British for India’s Independence, but as time passed and many scholars and historians have questioned the bunkum of Marxist Historians, it became clear that Tipu Sultan was not a saint but the benefit of doubt never made me see him as a villain.

Slowly the truth about Tipu Sultan was being revealed but this was before the Internet Explosion where the truth was confined to doors of true historians but the Internet has radicalized information, the Marxist historians may still perpetuate their lies in text books but they can’t hide the truth from everyone, and ultimately the truth had to come out.

The phony glorification of Tipu Sultan was being done from a very long time and there were some tiny voices which exposed those lies but they didn't get the same attention which the fabricated works got. The first chapter of "Tipu Sultan - The Tyrant of Mysore" recollects the instance when Karnataka Higher Education Minister, D.H.Shankaramurhty somewhat instigated the most needed debate on Tipu Sultan - Girish Karnard entered the picture with his usual Marxist bile, later Girish Karnard is smashed left and right by Dr.S.L.Bhyrappa which eventually leads to Girish Karnard escaping like a rat into the hole of ‘Fact and Fiction game’ without any debate on his concocted views vs. The Truth on Tipu Sultan. This chapter encapsulates the debate which was going in Karnataka over Tipu Sultan for quite some time.

The sagacious Dr.S.L.Bhyrappa asks

"If a historian, like novelist, seeks comfort, what is the fate of the truth?"

Hyder Ali:

Hyder Ali is the father of Tipu Sultan; the author presents us the ambiguity surrounding the ancestral legacy of Hyder Ali whether he was from a royal lineage or from a humble background. The personality of Hyder Ali is lucidly explained by relying on his political moves and strategies, the way he gathered ammunition from the British and the way he looted the treasury of Nizam which helped in raising his own private army which was helpful in exploiting the fragile political situation of Mysore Kingdom and his opportunistic outlook which ultimately helped him to capture the Mysore Kingdom. There is a separate chapter dedicated to explain the incident when Tipu Sultan is flogged by his father Hyder Ali for his cowardice.


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Its hard to even imagine that a film can be made based on such an artificial premise - a guy falling in love with his Computer Operating System, which converses with a female voice. Spike Jonze has been devoid of the acclamation which he deserved for his previous films "Being John Malkovich" and "Adaptation" among casual conversations because its gets taken over by Charlie Kaufman.

Theodore Twombly played by Joaquin Phoenix wears colorful shirts, trousers without a belt and like many of us he is an ordinary man who has feelings of love, anger, sadness and also possessiveness. "Her" is about ordinary emotions of an ordinary man juxtaposed with an artificial voice of an Operating System. The relationship between a normal ordinary man with his female voice Operating System touches all imaginable weirdness but it is handled with mushy gentleness.

One thing which has strongly captured my eyes is the film's Cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema. Every frame of the film is almost perfect --- the streets, the skyscrapers, the rooms, the workplace, the lights; and each color is explicit on the screen, as if they have a point to make, of course this could not be done without the help of director. Her, gives you a totally different experience.