The Wolfpack - few thoughts.

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It is almost impossible to find a compelling reason to watch a film which is a documentary about 6 New York boys with long hair. Crystal Moselle's documentary film "The Wolfpack" is about children who are brought up in a quarantine environment of their apartment.

"The Wolfpack" is a Sad, Funny and Intriguing documentary with lots of Innocence. Whether its the guitar solo which they play, enacting the scenes from their favorite movies or dancing to "Tarzan Boy" in their apartment with New York City lights in the background, it exudes energy and lot of warmth.

The narration of their stories is kind of hypnotic and on numerous occasions it is funny and there are some wonderful moments, for example when the boys come out, one of them says "This is like 3D, man" and when they watch one of their favorite film "Batman Begins" in a Movie theater for the first time, "I play that guy in The Dark Knight.".

Cynics may doubt that this cannot be a real story, if that’s true then please give them best acting awards. "The Wolfpack" is disturbing on many levels because of stark reality but beneath it contains hope which has to be cherished.

Movies, Art and Ideology

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Do not praise a movie just because it is morally superior, possesses a righteous outlook and ethically correct. A movie is a piece of art, its not just about values.

Vishal Bhardwaj's "Haider" which has unbearable stench of Left Liberal agenda, driven by misrepresentation and lies to suit a particular narrative is definitely a superior movie in terms of art than Neeraj Pandey's "Baby".

Throughout the history of cinema it has been the case where ideologies are infused into Art, but Art in its form cannot be put behind over an ideology or an agenda.

Bernardo Bertolucci is one of my favorite director, who constantly expresses his romance with Communism on screen but I have been careful not to influence my views towards his work with his ideological inclination.You can add Oliver Stone to this list.

Many aspiring young film makers seem to be more concerned about ideological inclinations ignoring the art in film making. If tapestry of film making is confined to a narrative than film as an Art is bound to perish.

Its not just film makers who have to be honest with film as Art but its also the viewer who has to be honest with his/her expression towards the film as an Art.

Baahubali and the unwarranted criticism.

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I loved watching S. S. Rajamouli's "Baahubali" and came across a little of constructive criticism made by some people who pointed out some genuine loopholes. I stopped writing lengthy film reviews long back because the congested free time which I got was only showing the mediocrity in my writing.

After watching "Baahubali" I thought of doing a detailed scene by scene analysis when the dvd of Baahubali gets released as there are many things that have to be said but decided to write this post in the wake of some negative criticism. The unwarranted criticism can be a product of the below.
  • Enviousness
  • To achieve orgasmic fame for being distinct.
  • Watching the film in the way it was not meant to be.
  • Sensibilities got hurt.
  • To exuding the "cool" slipshod attitude by criticizing the film without tangible reasons.
  • To spread negativity no matter what.
It seems that few people were offended with S. S. Rajamouli's "Baahubali" and have seen lot of unwarranted criticism in the form of memes accusing Rajamouli for not meeting certain standards when these blokes cant even imagine in their brains what Rajamouli was able to show everyone on the big screen.

Some were disappointed with "Baahubali" as their sensibilities were hurt, I will mention them with my take on them and its for them and for the other readers to decide if they still feel the same or not.
Multiple occasions my sensibilities were offended; man tries all his life but only a woman's form inspires him to scale d heights #Bahubali
Shivudu is a jovial man who like scaling heights and very importantly that particular height, but to achieve any goal in life there has to be some inspiration and especially for wanderers the inspiration usually comes in the form of a woman, not in the form of a man. To dig deep, inspiration and mental strength comes from a woman and the physical strength and strategic thinking comes from a man, this has been the case for great people like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Tenali Ramakrishna and many others.

Few more points to note:
  • The female form(inspiration) is named "Avantaika".
  • She resides in the heights.
  • She is a rebel.
  • She possesses ravishing beauty.
Woman who supposedly is determined to fight for a cause melts minute she meets Hero Prabhas, then Mission taken over by Able Man #Bahubali
One doesn't seem to comprehend what Rajamouli did here, he explored the inner sensibilites of a woman, not before everyone but only before herself. Accoring to Hindusim a complete woman possesses स्त्री/స్త్రీ Sa, Ta and Ra qualities. The deep, private and sensual emotions of Avantika were shown here. Avantika is a beautiful young women and at the same time she is on the process of becoming a complete woman. Its the art of story telling and structure of plot which connects the mother and son, Shivudu has to eventually rescue his mother Devasena, that's his job and it gets achieved with help of Avantika.
I understand it's only a fictional film; yet I couldn't see why hero's foot atop head of elderly man was needed; why enemies were all black
Even I was a bit uncomfortable when Shivudu kept his foot on the head of Kattappa, but Rajamouli cuts the scene when Shivudu was an infant and was being fondled by Kattappa, where the tender foot of Shivudu touched Kattappa's head. You cannot cut a piece of scene and analyze it exclusively just because it made you uncomfortable, the scene has to be comprehended in its entirety.

"Enemies were all black". We were told in the film that the army headed by Kalakeya is a ruthless and belong to a tribe, and its obvious to represent that an outside army will be presented as a single tribe unlike a heterogeneous Mahishmathi kingdom and regarding the complexion of the Kalakeya Army, aren't we becoming hyper critical on issues which dont even exist. If I comprehended correctly, Kalakeya's are worshipers of "Spider" and it seems that it was apt to go with dark complexion.

The Kalakeya's are not the enemies, its the 'fair' Bhallala Deva who is the prime antagonist.

I watched "Baahubali" only once, may be a second watch might make things more clearer. Some feminists may be happy and some of them may not be happy about "Baahubali", anyway Hinduism has no relation with Feminism as I said here. For people who are eager to spread negative criticism and invoke useless controversies can use the below.

  • Is it right for Shivudu to break the Linga?
  • Why is Shiva going towards Ganga and not the other way?
  • Why was Bhallala Deva wearing the sacred thread?
  • Why was a bull killed by Bhallala Deva and not an another animal?
  • Why was a handicapped person 'Bijjala Deva' portrayed in negative role?
  • Wasnt a woman 'Sivagami' good enough to occupy the throne of Mahishmati?
  • Dig might find many more..

India Israel and Mannequin Diplomacy

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India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had very little interest in developing good relations with Israel; the Non-Aligned approach of Nehru had ended him criticizing Israel on the issue of Partition, the Sinai conflict and one which didn’t allow Israel to join the Non Aligned movement. He eventually took the side of the Arab nations for “unknown reasons”.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi like her father was in favor of supporting the Arab Nations over Israel, she ended up criticizing Israel on the Six Day war, started active relations with Palestine Liberation Organization, aggressively condemned Israel on the Lebanon war but later became sensitive towards Israel and quietly started back channel diplomacy with Israel. Her son and successor Rajiv Gandhi extended the back channel diplomacy which lead to some economic engagement and eventually improved relations with Israel.

Beloved Sisters

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Perhaps, "Beloved Sisters" is one of the delightful films which I have seen for a very long time. Its like watching series of episodes of your favorite TV series, yet doesn't bother you with time - its fast in its pace of storytelling - yet it maintains the intimacy, doesn't exude the periodic visibility on screen but still captures the essence of history

Travesty of Left Liberal Intellectualism - Same Sex Marriages - Part1

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"Liberalism turns men into cattle"~ Friedrich Nietzsche
True Liberals and Urban Indians are allowing themselves to be transformed into cattle.

We have become so willing to accept notions and criticism from Left Liberals that we have comfortably decided to ignore honest evaluation and interpretation of ideas and its consequences as they have become a fashionable possession to the urban folk as they sound liberal and it has the radical tinge of leftism.

Marriage benefits to LGBT community.

It was not a surprise that India at UN chose not to support marriage benefits to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) couples and it was followed by criticism from the usual suspects, the Left Liberals and surprisingly harsh criticism was seen from true Liberals and some sane individuals criticized India for being Homophobic.

Even if the Indian Government wanted to support marriage benefits to LGBT couples, how can it possibly do?, as homosexuality is illegal in India. Delhi high court in its own right nullified section 377 of IPC and Supreme Court in its own sagacity reverted it back.

-Not supporting marriage benefits to LGBT community should be seen as Homophobic?