Beloved Sisters

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Perhaps, "Beloved Sisters" is one of the delightful films which I have seen for a very long time. Its like watching series of episodes of your favorite TV series, yet doesn't bother you with time - its fast in its pace of storytelling - yet it maintains the intimacy, doesn't exude the periodic visibility on screen but still captures the essence of history

Travesty of Left Liberal Intellectualism - Same Sex Marriages - Part1

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"Liberalism turns men into cattle"~ Friedrich Nietzsche
True Liberals and Urban Indians are allowing themselves to be transformed into cattle.

We have become so willing to accept notions and criticism from Left Liberals that we have comfortably decided to ignore honest evaluation and interpretation of ideas and its consequences as they have become a fashionable possession to the urban folk as they sound liberal and it has the radical tinge of leftism.

Marriage benefits to LGBT community.

It was not a surprise that India at UN chose not to support marriage benefits to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) couples and it was followed by criticism from the usual suspects, the Left Liberals and surprisingly harsh criticism was seen from true Liberals and some sane individuals criticized India for being Homophobic.

Even if the Indian Government wanted to support marriage benefits to LGBT couples, how can it possibly do?, as homosexuality is illegal in India. Delhi high court in its own right nullified section 377 of IPC and Supreme Court in its own sagacity reverted it back.

-Not supporting marriage benefits to LGBT community should be seen as Homophobic?

Enemy - Lurking around Darkness

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"Enemy" by Denis Villeneuve starring Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the few films in recent years which sticks to its charm of darkness without overplaying the card of testing the viewer with the perplexed plot which reveals itself as the film progresses.

Denis Villeneuve manages to push me into this uncomfortable zone of darkness right from the beginning with the edifying and encapsulated screenplay assisted with cinematography which doesn't let your brain to escape from cramped space of murkiness.

The plot of the film looks perplexed, adds the beauty, but its the recurring theme of chaos which is the connotation of the film and arguably the pivotal part of the film. I was so mesmerized with the gloomy effect of the film that when I watched the film for the second time, I was thinking "How did I miss all these things".

The case against the Uniform Civil Code

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How often do we find ourselves trapped into moral ambiguities arguing over an imperative issue and eventually end up being seen as a comrade of the opposite side of the ideological spectrum? Laws which govern or regulate individuals, groups and communities are pivotal of any functioning democracy. It’s the perspective on laws which loosely defines the attitude of the government towards its society; to be precise it represents the perception of the state towards an individual.

Let us have no doubts that making (framing) laws is a tough job in a pluralist sovereign democracy which had got rid of the colonial past and only some of its colonial draconian laws. India, is still dealing with colonial hangover by having loyalty to some of the colonial laws. Like any other republic or democratic nation even we have our problems when it comes to Criminal and Personal laws.

A call for a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India has a history which nourished intellectual thinking, political thought, challenged ideological positions and sometimes manifested the aspirations of political parties. The Hindu Code bill defines the personal laws of people who follow Dharmic faiths i.e. Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs, and is not applied to the people of Non-Dharmic faiths that being Muslims and Christians. A nation should have one code whether it’s the criminal law or personal law irrespective of religion. But, does the previous statement have any chance to taste its existence in the near future?

Oil vs Dollar – Its affects on world economy

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Note 1: In world every good has a price, demand side and a supply side. The higher demand OR lack of demand hints supplier to increase OR decrease price of a good accordingly.

Note 2: Someone told you "An apple a day keeps doctor away". Now you decide to eat apple and you think its nutrients rich. People like you think similarly, such that, apple gains prominence.

Now combine above two NOTE and read on. You have 100(some currency) with you and you went to market on a bicycle to buy apples. Seller says each apple is 12, you bargain badly with seller. Finally both of you agree on 10 per apple, and you bought 10 apples for 100. Both seller and buyer are happy (don't worry about how much it costs for the seller; limit your imagination to this transaction under current market conditions of this buyer and this seller). Now someone goes in a BMW car to buy apples from the same seller, this guy will not bargain and buys at 12 per apple. Essentially 100 fetched buyer1 10 apples, for buyer2 8.333~ apples.

What if apples production is scarce? Now seller will not heed to buyer 1 bargain and for buyer 2 this seller might quote a higher price (say 15). In this scenario buyer1 gets 8.33 apples for his 100, buyer 2 gets 6.666~ apples for his 100.

What if there are abundant apples? Now this Seller might drop the price to 10 per apple. Buyer 1 will still bargain for 8 per apple and gets 12.5 apples for 100. Buyer 2 will get 10 apples for his 100.
Moral of the story is, any "Good" be it apple, t-shirt, gold or Oil, the price of it is determined based on goods availability, the quality of goods, suppliers greed, purchasers bargaining ability, purchasers financial ability etc.. Which are called market forces. With this knowledge lets now try to understand recent trend in decreasing Oil prices, how it affects $, how it is affecting Russian Ruble and Indian Rupee.

Luc Besson's "Lucy"

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Like his previous films 'Nikita' and 'Leon', Luc Besson's "Lucy" has a female protagonist played by  Scarlett Johansson who gets trapped into the murky dealings of drug mafia and accidentally Lucy gets extraordinary powers which are not possessed by normal human beings as normal people use just 10 % of their brain where as Lucy gradually increases the utility rate of her brain to the greater good of sharing knowledge to the next generations.

The above plot may not come closer to any of Luc Besson's previous works but "Lucy" has Besson's signature where Sci-Fi elements gets involved with nature. "Lucy" has the style of Luc Besson approach, its just that here we have a Sci-Fi element.